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Palliative care makes the unthinkable an experience! Palliative care relieves a patient from the distressing and painful symptoms of their illness. Palliative care establishes and reiterates the patient’s right to choose and live quality life, which for some could be fleeting



We provide patient-centered and family-oriented palliative care and support. Our multi-professional team of doctors and nursing staff are trained and certified in pain and palliative care and follow recommended standards of good practices



Sharon Palliative Care Centre gives you the precious opportunity of making a difference. Our doors are open to those who have the time and interest to invest in the life of another. You can step in and brighten up the days of our patients as a donor, volunteer or even as a member of the in-house team. We would be happy to partner with us.



Our mission is to provide patient-cantered and family-oriented palliative care and support. We seek to inform and act on the decisions of patients and their families and create liberating experiences for them by alleviating their sufferings; providing them relief from pain and distress and empower our community to care and transform their thinking on end of life care.

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Partner with us

Let’s work together to give a life of comfort and dignity to another, however fleeting it may be


Step in and help another!

We would be happy to have you partner with us in our journey. Volunteering with us only needs you to share a few basic details with us so we can make sure you are given the opportunity to best utilize your skills and expertise.

Get Involved


Speak up and help another!

If you are a medical professional who knows a patient who would benefit from palliative care, then all you need to do it is refer the patient to us

Gift Hope


Help us help another!

Our services are offered at nominal rates which cover only actual expenditure and that, is only the tip of the iceberg. Our desire to give our patients an experience of ‘home-away-from-home’ makes it essential for our infrastructure to provide them with that kind of comfort.

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