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Sharon Palliative Care Center

Situated at the foothills of Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, India, Sharon Palliative Care Center was inaugurated in August 2016. The caring embrace, warm smile, serene abode and glimmer of hope which underlie our service to you are a fitting reassurance that distinctly sets us apart.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide patient-centered and family-oriented palliative care and support. We seek to inform and act on the decisions of patients and their families and create liberating experiences for them by alleviating their sufferings; providing them relief from pain and distress and empower our community to care and transform their thinking on end of life care.

The services provided at Sharon Palliative Care Center are meticulously administered by our dedicated and experienced team.

Our Scope


We provide hands-on palliative care. Our medical interventions ensure symptomatic relief from breathlessness, inability to eat or care for themselves, bedsore care, and infection care. If you are one looking for palliative care for a loved one you can get help by contacting us. If you are a medical professional who has a patient who could benefit from palliative care we invite you to refer a patient


We equip and inspire others to be involved in Palliative care and therefore conduct training programs to provide education on Palliative care. You can write to us, if you would like to participate in our training programs or partner with us in organizing training and development programs to inspire many more in the field of Palliative Care.


We influence others to do it by providing thought leadership in the field of Palliative care and seek out ways to further broaden the scope and reach of palliative care. If you would like to work with us in bringing about transformation in this field, you can either volunteer or find a career with us.


We’ve got the best because you deserve no less!

Our multi-professional team of doctors and nursing staff, trained and certified in pain and palliative care, follow recommended standards of good practices in pain management, clinical assessment, and patient counselling/communication. You can take a look at ‘our services’ to know all that is offered at Sharon Palliative Care Center.

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Rev. Dr. Samuel D. Stephens

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